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Environmental Services

Soil Classification

Soil & Groundwater Monitoring

Wetland Impact Assessments and Vegetation Surveys

Environmental Pre-Site Assessment

Phase I, II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Wellsite Reclamation and Remediation (Phase III ESA)

Gas Migration Testing for well abandonment

Electromagnetic Surveys (EM) for salinity mapping

Soil Bioremediation

Detailed Site Assessments for Reclamation Certificate Applications

Contaminated Sites Management

Risk Management and Site Specific Liability Assessment

Spill Response

Tank Remediation for gas stations

Agricultural Services

Leak Monitor Detection for CFOs under NRCB approval

Land Classification for Irrigation/Agricultural Feasibility Reports

Landuse Change Applications

Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Reporting

Soil Classification

Hydraulic Conductivity Testing for the construction of Earthen Manure Storage

Manure Management Plans