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​​​Environmental Site Assessment

AMBER ​provides a full range of environmental assessment services for any project scale. Assessments are completed by qualified professionals that follow a rigorous review process to ensure a high quality product. Our Environmental assessment services include:

  • Environmental Site Assessment Phase I, II, and III

  • Environmental inspection and monitoring

  • Decommissioning

  • Regulatory applications


Phase I ESA (Site Visit)

 A Phase I ESA combines a desktop review of historical files and a site visit in order to establish if potential contamination is present as a result of site operations. A Phase I ESA is required before a Phase II ESA. Typically, a Phase I ESA is the primary assessment tool for wellsites, and is currently required by municipalities that are compiling and tracking potentially impacted sites within their communities.

Phase II ESA (Characterization)

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment may be required if contamination is identified during a Phase I ESA. This involves a sub-surface soil and/or groundwater investigation and assessing areas of potential environmental concern identified in the Phase I ESA. If contamination is identified it is important to determine contaminant pathways and examine if pathways can be excluded.


Our Experience

We have extensive experience conducting environmental​ assessments for a wide range of facilities: oil refineries, fuel dispensing outlets, chemical dispensing storage facilities, gas plants, battery sites, drilling sumps, well sites, chemical manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, service stations, bulk storage facilities, mines, rail yards, and camps (logging and mining).