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Agricultural Services


Leak Detection Monitoring for CFOs under NRCB approval

Land Classification for Irrigation/Agricultural Feasibility Reports

Landuse Change Applications

Soil and Goundwater Sampling and Reporting

Soil Classification

Hydraulic conductivity testing for the construction of Earthen Manure Storage

Manure Management Plans




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Approvals for Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) Confined Feeding Operation (CFO)

We provide support to agricultural producers that are registered at the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) as Confined Feeding Operations (CFO). We offer groundwater monitoring services that comply with NRCB requirements to evaluate Earthen Manure Storage (EMS) leakage detection systems and the requirements under the Amended 'Agricultural Operation Practices Act'.  

Irrigation Feasibility Reports /Agricultural Feasibility Report

We conduct intrusive environmental site investigations to complete Land Classifications for Irrigation and Agricultural Feasibility Reports, assessing the physical and chemical factors of soil and topography that affect irrigation potential.​