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Remediation and Reclamation (Phase III)

Remediation (Phase III) is required if the Phase II ESA identifies presence of impacts to the soil or groundwater.

If pathway exclusions or guideline modifications cannot remove the risks, treatment or removal is required.

​​Phase III Environmental Site Assessment

Remediation activities include:

  • Soil excavation and disposal at an approved landfill

  • Bioremediation (bio-treatment cells) of contaminants

  • In-situ /ex-situ remediation strategies

  • Soil Vapor extraction​

Amber Enviro Services has designed, constructed and monitored remediation systems for a variety of contaminants (hydrocarbons, DNAPLs, LNAPLs, PAHs, salinity, metals, pesticides) impacting both soil and groundwater.

Remediation services range from conducting full-scale site clean-ups to implementing risk assessment/risk management programs.​