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Wetland and Vegetation Assessment


Wetland Impact Assessments  

Amber Enviro assists resource managers, ​agricultural producers, and land developers to understand wetland boundaries, assess function and classify wetland types. Wetland Classification can require  assessment of vegetation, soils, hydrology, geochemistry, topography and aerial photograph interpretation.

Compensation /Approval Applications

Development and construction activities within a Wetland require an approval that is issued under the Water Act. Where Loss to Wetland may occur Developers are required to avoid, mitigate and compensate the Province of Alberta. We can perform the following tasks to support our client's compensation and/ or approval application:

  • Historical Aerial Photo Review and Interpretation
  • Preliminary Assessment and Classification Using GIS
  • Riparian Zone-Upland Boundary Delineation
  • Biophysical and rare plant surveys
  • Functional Health Assessment and Recommendations to Mitigate Wetland impacts

We have classified wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region and Boreal Forest and can apply Stewart and Kantrud Classification (developed for Prairie Potholes), Cowartin Classification of Wetland and Deepwater Habitats of the United States or Canadian Wetland Classification System - National Wetlands Working Group.